softy ice cream making machine

softy ice cream making machine

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  •     Compact model and elegant look.
  •     New tropicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption.
  •     The controls are easy to operate.
  •     Stainless steel freezing cylinders with direct expansion-cooling system ensuring rapid operation.
  •     Provide unique hardness control to ensure perfect product consistency of ice cream every time.
  •     Specially crafted beaters with delrin beater blades.
  •     Independent refrigeration to the hopper ensures the mix is thoroughly chilled both during production and during break.
  •     Thermometers to constantly control storage temperature of ice cream mix inside
  •     Insulated dispense head with one tap made of excellent insulating material.
  •     The machine with air-cooled condenser.
  •     Provide mix level indicator.
  •     Environmental Friendly "CFC free refrigerant" and "CFC" free thermal insulation.
  •     Use SS pre-coated sheet for out-side cover.
  •     Machine available in two models three phase and single phase.